• John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand
    Christian, New Zealand

    John Keys (PM) Non Response to Saudi Arabia forced Repatriation of Christian Converts in NZ

    John Keys (PM) non response to Saudi Arabia forced Repatriation of Christian Converts in NZ. First here are the original press releases on this story by Tony Wall and Blair Ensor Fears-for-Saudi-christian-converts Follow up story: Probe-wanted-into-refugee-snatching-allegations Quote from the first story SAUDI ARABIA, BY THE NUMBERS $1.47 billion Value of NZ-Saudi trade. 17,000 Saudis have…

  • End Time Knowledge for Christians

    Ancient history and prophecy affects current events

    Ancient history and  prophecy affects current events in today’s world. Everything that was written from Genesis to Revelation is being played out before those in the Lord who are watches and seeking the Lord on His things that are happening in today’s world. He the lord is taking people back to the beginning to give…

  • About my Fathers Business
    Christian, World

    About My Fathers Business

    Jesus spoke these words when his parents found him in the temple preaching to those in the temple at that time. Luke 2:48-50 And when they saw him, they were amazed: and his mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. And…

  • what is faith

    What is Faith

    What is Faith is a question many ask and our blessed Lord referred to it all the time when He was preaching and teaching when walking upon this earth to not only his disciples but to those who were trying to find ways to trap him with their words. Hebrews 11 not only tells us…

  • end christian persecution

    Christian communities feel their survival is now at stake

    Christian communities feel their survival is now at stake is a headline that comes for a Israeli newspaper. This is reality for the true followers of Christ Jesus worldwide no matter what country you may reside in on this world called earth. Europe, United States of America, the middle east and just starting to appear…

  • lion-of Judah

    Cannot Make Peace with Your Enemies

    As I awoke this day I found myself full to the very brim of the joy of the Lord and even danced before the Lord in my secret place. Then as I stilled myself, I heard my Lord say, “you cannot make peace with your enemies”. At these words the picture of a magnificent lion…

  • female slaves being sold in syria

    Women being sold as Slaves

    Click Here for Original Post This picture recently appeared on several Arabic social media and websites. Caption reads “First female slave market in Deir ez-Zur,” a Syrian region that is 20 percent Christian and is currently occupied by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If this article can be verified then we are seeing…

  • Compassion

    Overcome by the compassion of Jesus

    As I lay prostrate before the Lord this day I was overcome by the compassion of Jesus for both the righteous and unrighteous and I wept and wept and wept and I rent my heart and not my garments before his holy throne this day. I heard and saw the cries of the innocent in…


  • sin consciousness

    Sin Consciousness

    What did God do with sin? Scripture says Christ appeared once for all at the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself (Heb 9:26). Not only did He appear to take away sin, but in Him there is no sin (1Jn 3:5). He personally bore our sins in his…

  • death for being a christian

    Persection of God’s True Sons and Daughters

    Why Are we not prepared for Persecution when it comes as we walk in the Lord Jesus Christ Many are wandering in the Lord and asking why am I being persecuted for doing the Fathers will. From the beginning of time, prophets and those who walked in the Lord and did His will which included…

  • A Study in Faith

    A Study In Faith

    The reason faith is so difficult is that sense knowledge has gained the ascendancy in our educational and religious life. Sense knowledge has all come through our physical contact with the world. We have learned to trust so utterly in our eyes, our eyes, the sense of touch, of smell, and the sense of taste,…

  • prayer and the church

    Prayer and the Church

    Every Church should have a Prayer program. There should be a prayer organisation, as well as the young people’s or the sunday school organisation. The prayer life of the church should be so interwoven with every feature of it that God could be seen in every department.

  • He Put All Things in Subjection Under His feet

    He Put All Things in Subjection Under His Feet

    Chapter Eight – He Put All Things in Subjection Under His Feet – In His Presence E W Kenyon In the first three chapters of the epistle to the Ephesians, we have the consummation of Christ’s substitutionary  work in regard to satan and demons. Paul prays that “our eyes maybe opened or enlightened, that we…

  • fellowship and relationship

    Relationship & Fellowship

    Chapter Seven – Relationship and Fellowship – In His Presence by E W Kenyon There are two great objectives in redemption. The first is relationship. God is working to the end that man may legally become his child, a partaker of his very nature, so that he will be a genuine heir and joint heir…

  • Integrity of Gods Word

    Integrity of His Word

    The integrity of the Word: Chapter 6 – In His Presence by E W Kenyon The integrity of the word is the basis of faith. The reason for unbelief and a faltering faith is a lack of assurance of the integrity of the promises in the word. In Romans 10:8 it is called “the word…

  • recreated mans rights in Jesus

    Faith In Your Own Rights

    Faith in Your Own Rights – Chapter five – In His Presence by E W Kenyon The new creation is based upon legal grounds. You have come into the Father’s family because you responded to His call. You could of never got in there by your own efforts. You had to be born of the…

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